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PROCREATE BEGINNER CLASS : Learn to Create Your Own Digital Painting

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This class is designed for learners who are looking to learn how to design their own digital drawings and paintings using the iPad app, Procreate.

You will receive access to a video class to teach you all about creating your own digital painting. This class comes after lots of interest for adult classes. This class will allow for learners to get an in depth understanding of the platform, allowing them to create well beyond the class. Learners will not be required to have any previous knowledge.

During class learners will learn:

- How and why to create different canvas sizes
- Choosing a brush or different medium and all that are available
- How and why to add layers to their artwork
- Importing a file or photo; as well as how to add it privately (so that it does not show up in the final video of their process)
- Colour selection
- Saving their file as well as their process video
- Different file types and why they are important
- Shortcuts within the app

This class is all about creativity and freedom to create. As their teacher I will show them the basic skills needed to continue to create beyond their wildest dreams.

You’ll need :
- an iPad, separate from the device you’re watching the class
- a stylus pen (Amazon has many great options for good prices); you DO NOT need an Apple Pencil
- Procreate App ($9.99+ depending on currency of your country)
- a chosen picture already saved in the camera roll of the iPad
- a smile and their imagination